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​Welcome "ALLURE" A Rage of Self-Love

Thanks to relentless efforts, the premiere of the movie "ALLURE" promises to be an absolute revelation to its viewers. With a stellar cast and crew coming together, "ALLURE" delivers a riveting story that comes alive on the screen. Check out the latest trailer and dive deep into the world of this masterpiece.

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Get to Know Us

Journey to the International Film Festival 🎬 We kicked off our entry into international film festivals this June. Drumroll, please... 🥁

The film "ALLURE" has garnered immense honor as it has been consecutively winning the Best Feature Film award at various international film festivals in countries like France and India, starting from September.

This is a young indie film festival in Île-de-France, including Paris. Held on 9/5.


#Stingray International Film Festival
A vibrant indie film festival located in Paris, France. Held on 9/22.


#Indiefare International Film Festival
It is an indie film festival being held in New Delhi, India.

Please add this information to the official page of the film. Held on 9/25.


Theater Release Scheduled for Fall 2023.















 Theme of "ALLURE"

In this film, while the protagonist Sayaka is portrayed as a woman tormented by narcissistic personality disorder, the traumas and agonies of her past that lurk in her shadows are simultaneously brought to life.

Sayaka, the leading lady, captivates and confounds those around her with her raw, unbridled love.

The chaotic dance of hurt and possessiveness; it's impossible to look away from a protagonist who lives so authentically.

Yet, what you see might just be a reflection of yourself.

The raging narcissism that dwells within us all...

The chaotic dance of hurt and possessiveness; it's impossible to look away from a protagonist who lives so authentically.

Yet, what you see might just be a reflection of yourself.

The raging narcissism that dwells within us all...

To many, she may seem a villainess, but what truth lies hidden beneath her facade?

A world of profound loneliness birthed by the "disease" known as narcissistic personality disorder.

A psychological suspense where twisted love and scars of the past intertwine.

As Sayaka's "love" pushes two men to the brink, where will it lead?


"Is Narcissism a Sin?"

Sayaka, a woman with intense narcissistic tendencies, possesses enchanting eyes with a mesmerizing power that captivates men's hearts. As she hunts for her next conquest, she targets a young psychiatrist, Kanzaki, drawing him in by confiding her deepest emotional troubles. She reveals to Kanzaki her heart-wrenching past: recurring arguments between her parents during her childhood, domestic violence from her mother, and restless nights haunted by dreams of her sister's suspicious death. On top of all this, Sayaka claims to be pursued by a sinister stalker.

On the other hand, Kanzaki is burdened by a strained relationship with his authoritarian father, a renowned surgeon, who neglects his family. Kanzaki had chosen psychiatry due to the trauma of not preventing his mentally distressed mother's suicide during his childhood and as an act of defiance against his father. He feels a profound connection to Sayaka, seeing in her a reflection of his own losses.

As their relationship deepens, Sayaka tearfully confesses her doubt: Was her sister's death from falling off a cliff truly accidental? Or did she, in a forgotten moment, push her sister to her doom?

Drawn deeper into Sayaka's enigmatic allure, Kanzaki soon discovers a shocking truth. The stalker Sayaka fears is Noguchi, a straightforward and earnest university professor. It emerges that in their youth, it was Sayaka who had aggressively pursued Noguchi. Ensnared by her bewitching charm, he had lost his family and career for her. Yet unable to let go of their passionate past, Noguchi relentlessly chases Sayaka. One day, upon seeing her with Kanzaki, jealousy consumes Noguchi, leading to a confrontation that unveils Sayaka's true nature to Kanzaki.






Tackling her first major human drama, she brings to life the captivating and unstable character of Sayaka, who sways with a myriad of emotions. A former first-generation member of the idol group 'Idoling'. As she strives to break new ground as an actress, she fully immerses herself in this challenging role, delivering a truly dedicated performance.




Playing the role of the young and brilliant psychiatrist, Kazuma Kanzaki, Hiroshi Katayama comes from an athletic background, having won the Junior Olympic track and field championship in his teens. After his athletic career was cut short, he shifted his focus to the world of acting, pouring his sincere and straightforward spirit, as well as his physical prowess, into the 2.5D stage world. While this is his first foray into on-screen acting, his clean-cut appearance and agile movements powerfully captivate the audience.





Veteran actor Wataru Shihodo portrays the awkward and straight-laced university professor, Toshio Noguchi, masterfully depicting his internal turmoil as he's continually toyed with by Sayaka. Taking on a role unlike any he's played before, Shihodo brings forth the character's poignant vulnerability. His performance, marked by its distinct gravitas, leaves a lasting impression.

市山貴章 あじの純 夏川姫乃 東 虎之丞 帆足健志 真坂 雅 森 恵美

佐藤はるか 小川代護 吉田直子 油井美沙 ひまり 神谷京子 篠原琉花


= スタッフ =

監督/脚本 花堂純次  プロデューサー 今井乃梨子

助監督 今井英充   撮影 瀬川龍/ 俵 健太
照明  佐藤宗史/ 浦山雅史 嶋岡万美子 メイク 石部順子/ 小川依子
録音・音響効果 小畑智寛   Color TENSHIN  本編集 ヒデミツ
脚本協力 河野ます美 いとうゆみ
「ナルシスの泉」作曲/Piano 塚山エリコ Violin 篠崎正嗣 Cello 篠崎央彡 Accordion水野弘文
「深き夢」:主題歌/森圭一郎  Cello伊藤ハルトシ

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